Profit from Brexit Aftershock

Brexit is here and it is severely unexpected. The resignation of David Cameron could be just the beginning. Greece is facing yet another bailout. France is already on the edge of a political tsunami with unprecedented and increasing rejection of the new labor law. Germany is tired to pay the debt of southern countries. Countries are seeking for economical and immigration protectionism and the EU is the opposite of that. The Brexit has shown the way and just now France, Italy and the Netherlands are asking for their referendum too. The European utopia has never been so close to an explosion. Add to that the US election coming soon with the unpredictable Donald Trump seemingly unstoppable Two generations are about to witness the biggest world shocks that they have ever been through. Here are the two ways to profit from the current and upcoming chaos. 1: Gold Every time uncertainty is rising, gold is exponentially strengthening. Gold is considered as a ‘safe heaven’. As a results investment professionals are always buying it when there are unexpected events. Consequently, the best asset to profit from the chaos created by Brexit is to buy Gold. Gold is in a very strong long-term trend going as high as 1,900$ but is right now at a rebate around 1,300$ per ounce. Many market analysts predict the gold price to go over $5,000[2] just based on its fundamental value, not even considering the upcoming chaos. How can I invest in gold without having to buy a brick and put it under my bed? Fortunately, you can invest on it and directly profit from its price increase through an online stockbroker. Make sure it is a well-regulated, and offer gold contracts, also sometimes called XAU as a financial symbol. We highly recommend you [IG]. For US citizen, [Oanda] is also a very good choice. We recommend you to start with a small investment, let’s say 500$ and gradually increase it as the price increase. 2: Gun manufacturers shares Guess what else beats any other assets during instability? Yes, Gun manufacturers shares. It skies rock! The simple reason is that under fear and political protectionism, people and governments want to be able to defend themselves. As one of the top three U.S. firearm makers, the iconic company Smith & Wesson will be reaping most of the benefits. And the industry is looking great: Historical minority gun buyers such as woman have been strongly starting to buy weapons, going from 13% to 25% in ten years. Those customers are usually buying semiautomatic pistols, one of Smith & Wesson's best-selling categories. On the political side, Donald Trump has been a strong defender of gun ownership, even advocating the suppression of ‘gun-free zones. On the democratic side, the fear of more gun control leads analysts to actually predict a huge surge in sales due to fear of people not being able to but weapons in the future. "It's the only stock I can recommend regardless of who wins the White House," said Theodore O'Neill, managing director for equity research firm Litchfield Hills Research Add to that S&W very strong financial statements and its ability to win over U.S army contracts. Don’t forget: You can also easily invest in more than 8,000 international stocks with [IG] Learn trading and receive gifts for it at [1] [2]